PainterTool is an iPhone/iPad/iOS 7 application for painting and drawing.

You and your kids can use PainterTool to learn how to draw, using instant and positive feedback to improve drawing skills.

PainterTool is also useful for painters, illustrators, architects, designers, art students and anyone who needs to compare proportions.

Use this link if you read this on an iPhone or iPad, and want to install PainterTool.

The best way to ask questions, add comments, request features and report bugs is to use the Facebook group called PainterTool. If you are not using an iOS device with a Facebook app, you can use this link.

If you want to send an email instead, send it to


  1. First sketch
  2. Learning to draw
  3. Croquis
  4. Grid


You can use PainterTool for a great variety of styles. These oil paintings have all been created using PainterTool.